Monitoring for Modern Times.

iNet News

From mainstream news to man-on-the street commentary, Media Library’s Internet media monitoring service will track your media presence on the Internet in a complete, timely, and cost-effective way.

Extensive online sources, including:

  • Online print publications
  • Trade journals
  • Consumer magazines
  • E-zines
  • Web news outlets
  • TV news sources
  • News forums
  • Blogs
  • Corporate web sites
  • Information portals
  • Social media
  • Local, regional, national, and international sources
  • Ability to add sources at client request

- Monitoring reports include text summaries and cached pages.
- Customizable Internet monitoring for clients wishing to focus on specific sources or regions.
- Available as an integrated service of the News On Demand portal:  View, save, organize, and share.
- Media metrics and analysis available.